Why use a professional immigration firm?

5 May 2022 | Expatriation, Immigration in France, Social protection

Globalization of the economy, sectors in tension, headhunting, digital nomadism… Today, international mobility of employees is a central issue for companies. From recruiting a foreign employee to carrying out an assignment outside of Europe, managing a professional immigration procedure internally can be as complex as it is time-consuming. In addition to relieving your HR and mobility department, a professional immigration firm ensures compliance with the legislation in force and speeds up your projects.

What services does a professional immigration firm offer?

A professional immigration firm takes care of the arrival of your employees in France as well as their departure abroad. Those services are divided into three areas: professional immigration, affiliation to the social security system for foreign workers and expatriation.

Professional immigration

Professional immigration services can concern the recruitment of foreign employees on permanent contracts, remote positions or seconded workers in France. In this context, a professional immigration firm offers different types of support:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of your mobility project: this service allows you to choose the best immigration procedure according to the constraints of your company and the employee(s) concerned.
  • Application for and issuance of visas and residence permits: (regardless of the duration of the assignment, Talent’s profiles and their country of origin.
  • The management of work permit applications (WPs).
  • Sworn translations of the supporting documents necessary for the completion of the file.
  • The exchange of foreign driving licences so that your employees can drive in France.
  • Contact with other immigration professionals for additional services: relocation, tax advice, etc.

Social security affiliation

In France, with some exceptions, all workers must be covered by the national social security system. A professional immigration firm will manage the social security affiliation of foreign nationals for you :

  • The classic affiliation and reactivation of rights of the foreign employee,
  • The assumption of responsibility for the affiliation of inactive Europeans (spouse(s) of the collaborator),
  • And the registration of seconded employees at the URSSAF of the Bas-Rhin.


This area of expertise concerns the departure abroad of your French employees. To ensure the success of this type of project, an immigration firm evaluates your situation to suggest the appropriate procedure. They also take care of the legalization, the apostille and the sworn translation of French documents. They also manage visa requests, whatever the destination of your employee.

Professional immigration
Driver’s license exchange
Social security affiliation
Authentication of French documents

Visa for abroad

The advantages of being supported by a professional immigration firm

Faced with the opacity of the French system, calling on a professional immigration agency has many advantages. Having the support of a dedicated advisor saves time and allows you to optimize your mobility projects according to your needs.

A tailor-made diagnosis and consideration of your constraints

To select the right professional immigration procedure, many criteria and constraints must be taken into account (deadlines, flexibility of future salary, etc.). This choice also depends on the employee’s country of origin, the type of contract chosen, duration of the stay and the position hold by the employee. Your consultant will also adapt the diagnosis to your business profile: start-up, multinational, service provider or foreign investor. A professional immigration firm takes all these parameters into account to select the procedure best suited to your needs and situation.

Mobility policy and seamless management of expatriates

Each multinational company has its own mobility policy.  To ensure the homogeneous management of all expatriates of the same group, a professional immigration firm adapts to your corporate culture. With a detailed knowledge of your mobility policy, your consultant integrates these rules in the analysis and diagnosis of your situation. This consideration avoids inequalities in the treatment of files throughout the duration of the support.

Quick answers to all your questions

Your advisor will accompany you until your documents are issued in due form. Always available to answer your questions, they will notify you of the various stages in the processing of your files according to a schedule of exchanges agreed in advance. These interactions allow you to keep control of your projects throughout the process.

Expedited processing of your professional immigration files

Applications for visas, residence permits or social security affiliation require the completion of numerous documents and the gathering of various supporting documents.  Professional immigration consultant have practical know-how on all these subjects. They have got an exhaustive knowledge of the documents to be provided, regardless of the purpose of the application. This expertise saves time by avoiding the return of files for “missing” documents.

A professional immigration firm has privileged contacts with the authorities. These relationships allow your advisor to reduce downtime through a more thorough follow-up of your files. In direct contact with the administrators, they are able to react more quickly in case of error or additional requests.

Reduced risk of file refusal

In the context of an immigration procedure, there are many reasons why applications may be refused: invalid or missing supporting documents, failure to comply with eligibility criteria, incomplete applications, applications sent after the deadline, etc. Your tailor-made diagnosis combined with the practical expertise of your advisor will help you avoid these pitfalls.

Comprehensive care

Calling on a professional immigration firm allows you to benefit from a global handling of your mobility projects. Your consultants will accompany you from A to Z until the delivery of your residence permits and visas. If necessary, they can put you in touch with other professionals to help you prepare for the arrival of your employee or your project to set up in France (relocation, tax advice, intercultural training, etc.).

Any international mobility project? Need to be guided? Whether you are a startup, a multinational, a foreign investor or a service provider in France, feel free to contact us!