Investing in France
from abroad

ITAMA is the partner of
foreign investors in France

You are a foreign investor and wish to develop in France?

You need advice on immigration and to be put in touch with other experts (lawyers, business bank, housing assistance…)?

In coordination with our network of partners, we will assist you in all your procedures for setting up and immigrating to the country.

Choice of company status, visa applications, exchange of foreign driver’s license… Without support, investing in France can be complex and time consuming. With ITAMA, accelerate your project to set up in France!

Global approach and business creation package

Investing in France from abroad requires a good knowledge of the French system and its administrative constraints. Our business expertise allows us to accompany your project upstream and downstream of your establishment: professional immigration, social security affiliation and foreign driver’s license exchanges.

For a global approach, we put you in touch with our certified partners:

  • Creation of the company in France: contact with a lawyer specialized in business law
  • Finance: contact with an investment bank
  • Project coordination: in partnership with Business France
  • Search for business premises: with the help of regional economic development agencies
  • Relocation: housing search (with MOBILI PASS), schooling, banking, housing-related subscriptions, etc.
  • Tax advice: for the manager and the employees thanks to a lawyer specialized in international taxation
  • Definition of packages and optimization of remuneration: contact with lawyers and experts in the field
  • Intercultural training: for successful negotiations with your French partners


Our services for foreign investors

Professional immigration
Social security affiliation
Exchange of foreign driver’s licenses