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Are you a service provider based abroad?

You have a mission project in France? We guide you at each step, answering all your questions. Our support guarantees that your French client will be compliant to the legislation in force.

Global approach and package for service providers in France

Global approach and package for service providers in France

Providing services in France implies a good knowledge of the national system. Professional immigration, social security affiliation, foreign driver’s license exchanges… Our business expertise guarantees compliance with legislation by optimizing the procedures for companies based abroad without a permanent establishment in France.

For a global approach, we put you in touch with our referenced partners for the following services

  • HR advice: setting up the company’s collective agreement and defining the working conditions in compliance with applicable French law
  • Relocation: search for accommodation (with MOBILI PASS), schooling, banking, subscriptions linked to housing, etc.
  • Tax advice: exchanges with a lawyer specialized in international taxation
  • Intercultural training: to ensure the successful adaptation of your foreign employee in France


Our services for service providers

Professional immigration
Social security affiliation

Exchange of foreign driver’s licenses