Social security

ITAMA takes care of
the social security affiliation of
your foreign employees

ITAMA takes care of the social security affiliation of your foreign employees

Our expertise in social protection guarantees compliance with the requirements of the French system and saves you time!

Affiliation of a foreign worker and his family to the social security system? Reactivation of rights or registration at URSSAF Bas-Rhin? In France, every employee with an employment contract must be covered by the French social security system.

ITAMA guides you from the moment you make the preliminary declaration of employment (DPAE) with your URSSAF and follows the registration of your employee with the CPAM to which he/she belongs.


Social security affiliation of foreign nationals or reactivation of rights

We manage for you the first affiliation to the social security of a foreign national or the reactivation of any person already affiliated to the CPAM.

Our knowledge of the French system and its organization allows us to obtain a provisional social security number as quickly as possible.

When your employee and his/her family arrive in France, it is sometimes necessary to subscribe to a private insurance. In this case, we will alert you in advance to avoid any risk of lack of coverage.



Social security registration of inactive Europeans (spouses of your employees)

We also take care of the social security affiliation of inactive Europeans. This type of request concerns spouses of European nationality who do not wish to work during their stay in France.

We directly accompany the spouses in their procedures:

  • By optimizing the management of their file thanks to our knowledge of the process and of the specific documents to be provided for this type of application
  • By managing the timetable to avoid any break with the medical coverage of the country of origin

Please note that the average delay for these types of applications varies between 10 and 12 months.


Registration of seconded employees at the URSSAF of Bas-Rhin

Employees seconded to France may remain subject to their usual social security scheme provided that they come from a State that has signed a bilateral agreement with France.

Otherwise, they must imperatively be affiliated to the French scheme. This procedure is carried out through the URSSAF of Bas-Rhin, located in Strasbourg, and the Centre de Formalité des Entreprises (CFE).

In this case, we manage for you:

  • The registration of the company with the CFE
  • The management of the social security contributions declarations
  • The reprocessing of foreign pay slips


We take care of all the formalities:

  • Set-up of the file
  • Management of translations
  • Transmission of the file according to the requirements of the CPAM (deposit on the employer platform or transmission by mail)
  • Creation of the AMELI account
  • Help with the transmission of the first health care forms
  • Declaration of a general practitioner
  • Follow-up until the “carte vitale” is obtained

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