ITAMA guides startups in
recruiting foreign employees

You don’t manage to recruit in France, especially in the digital field?

Are you planning to integrate a foreign talent for the first time? We can guide you through all the steps involved.

Whatever the country of origin of your future recruit, we take care of all the formalities.
We guide you every step of the way to save you as much time as possible!

Global approach and discovery package

For a startup, hiring a foreign employee is often a first!
By working with young companies like yours, we have learned to identify your needs and strengthen our support. We offer a global approach to all mobility issues: professional immigration, social security affiliation and foreign driver’s license exchanges. We guide you beyond the simple reception of collaborators by providing you with a compliance checklist. ITAMA supports your international projects in their entirety!

Our discovery package allows us to take care of your project in 360°.
We coordinate with all our referenced service providers:

  • Relocation: search for accommodation (with MOBILI PASS), schooling, banking, subscriptions related to housing, etc.
  • Tax advice: exchanges with a lawyer specialized in international taxation
  • Definition of packages and optimization of remuneration: contact with lawyers and experts on the subject
  • Intercultural training: prior to integration into the work team


Our services for startups

Professional immigration

Social security affiliation

Exchange of foreign driver’s licenses