Shortage occupation list: what you need to know

19 July 2022 | Immigration in France

Implemented in 2008 and updated for the first time in 2011, French shortage occupation list includes 30 professional categories (approximately 750 occupations). It is intended for all foreigners who are not eligible for the Talent Passport program (minimum salary not met, etc.). Prior to the April 1, 2021 Order, this list was national. Since then, it has been adapted to the regions to correspond to the new territorial divisions. Its content therefore varies slightly from one region to another.

Thanks to this list, the nationals concerned benefit from a simplified immigration procedure. Foreign workers whose jobs are on the list are not subject to the employment situation requirement. What does this mean? If a job is not considered to be in demand, the employer wishing to hire a foreign employee must provide proof that no other candidate was available on the French market. Without this proof, they will not be able to apply for a work permit for a foreign national. Applying for a position recognized by the list of occupations in demand therefore facilitates the hiring process for both the employer and the foreign applicant.

For ITAMA, the shortage occupation list is a priority subject in professional immigration. In November 2019, the Government had promised a major reflection on this topic, in partnership with Pôle Emploi. In particular, they planned to integrate the notion of quotas into the list. Despite this promise, it is still not adapted to the reality of the market in France.

Vocabulary to remember in order to better understand the list of jobs in tension

  1. FAP: an occupational family that groups together several jobs.
  2. ROME code: each profession has a code from the « Répertoire Opérationnel des Métiers et des Emplois » (Repertoire of professions). Thus, several ROME codes are represented within a FAP.

Outdated list: what consequences?

ITAMA believes that this lack of adaptation can have economic repercussions and reduce the attractiveness of our territory:

  1. Some sectors are experiencing a shortage of talent. The list is not up to date and does not necessarily include the jobs sought by the companies concerned. Discouraged by the complexity of recruiting outside of the “shortage job” pathway, they choose not to embark on this type of project. The result: the lack of an updated list of shortage occupations hinders the development of certain companies.

Example: Today, the hotel industry is facing a shortage of chefs. Although the list includes butchers, butlers and farmers, chefs are still not included.

  1. Not adapting the list to the reality of the market can also affect the attractiveness of our territory. Young foreign talent will prefer to go to a neighboring country whose lists are up to date. This situation may seem paradoxical given the reasons for setting up the Talent Passport system. Its purpose? To boost qualified immigration and to fight against the employment barrier for foreigners. In our opinion, the fact that this list has not been updated runs counter to this strategy.

The list of shortage occupations now

The list of shortage occupations, which has not been updated, does not always reflect the current recruitment needs of French companies. Today, recruiters are actively looking for foreign talent in the digital sector, especially web developers. However, they are not explicitly included in the list.

To take a look at the full list, click here.

Some countries have signed bilateral agreements with France. These countries have more or less extended lists. This is the case for Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, the Republic of Congo, Gabon, Georgia, Mauritius, Senegal and Tunisia.

To check the list for these countries, click here.

Benefit from the strength of our expertise

Considering the complexity caused by the obsolescence of the list of shortage occupations, our clients call on us to facilitate the recruitment of their foreign talent. Our knowledge and know-how enable us to interpret the job descriptions and determine whether the position you are offering can be considered as shortage occupation. This is part of the diagnosis prior to the procedure. This step allows us to select the best professional immigration solution according to your situation, your constraints and the profiles of the foreign nationals concerned.

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