Temporary protection Ukraine: renewal and change of status

2 September 2022 | Flash News

Since March 4th 2022, people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine can benefit from a temporary residence permit called “temporary protection” (APS). Set by Directive 2001/55/EC, this emergency measure allows them to benefit from coordinated and similar rights throughout the European Union. In France, this status allows them to live and work on the territory for a period of 6 months. The APS of nationals who benefited from this status in March will therefore expire in September 2022. If they wish to remain in France, there are two options: renew their APS or change their immigration status.

For more information : temporary protection in Ukraine

Temporary status: renewal of the APS for 6 months

In the framework of “temporary protection”, the renewal of the APS offers for another 6 months the same rights as when it was first issued. The application must be made at the prefecture. The applicable procedures vary from one prefecture to another, so do not hesitate to obtain information online before applying.

Procedures specific to the Rhône prefecture

INFO: Usually, the APS allows its holder to enter and leave French territory freely. However, many Ukrainian nationals are currently blocked at the borders of France following a temporary travel outside of the territory.

Changing status to reside and work in France for more than 6 months

For Ukrainian nationals who are permanently employed and wish to settle in France, a change of status is possible. An application for a residence permit in another category is indeed possible without them having to leave French territory.

Two main questions then arise:

  • Which status to switch to?
  • Is the French job market preference applying to them?

Do you need support for a renewal or a change of status? Our team has already successfully dealt with this kind of cases the last few weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us !