Health restrictions in France: conditions to travel

17 May 2021 | Immigration in France

French Home Secretary announced on April 22nd that all passengers, regardless of their nationalities, coming from Brazil, India, Chile, South Africa, and Argentina, wishing to come to France will have to quarantine themselves for ten days upon their arrival. This quarantine was decided by prefectural decree and came into force on April 24th. During their quarantine in France, those concerned will be authorized to do their shopping between 10 AM and 12PM. Social security agents will keep a close watch on them.

Moreover, since May 14, 2021, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Colombia, Costa Rica, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay have also been added to the list of countries at risk for France.

What are the conditions for travel to France?

A compelling reason

In order to enter France, passengers will have to certify that their reason for travel is in in the following list. Can travel :

  • French citizen, and their spouse (married, civil union or cohabiting partner) and their children.
  • Citizen of the European Union or equivalent, and their spouse (married, civil union or cohabiting partner) and their children, whose main residence is in France;
  • Citizen of a third country who is a holder of a valid French or European residence permit or long-stay visa, who has their main residence in France (valid only if the travel abroad took place prior to 31 January 2021 or was justified by a compelling reason);
  • Citizen of a third country holding a long-stay visa issued for the purpose of family reunion or reunification of refugee families, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection and stateless persons;
  • Land, sea and air transport sector workers or transport service providers, including drivers of vehicles carrying goods intended for use in the territory, as well as those who are only in transit, or travelling as passengers returning to their home base or for training purposes;
  • Foreign citizen working in a diplomatic or consular mission, or an international organisation with headquarters or an office in France, as well as their partner and their children;
  • Traveller in transit in the international zone for less than 24 hours.

Passeport Talent” visa’s holders, as well as their families, are no longer on this list and are therefore no longer authorized to enter France since April 24.

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A negative test of Covid-19

Travelers will also be required to provide proof of a negative PCR test made less than 36 hours prior to their departure, or alternatively, a negative PCR test (less than 72 hours) with a negative antigen test (less than 24 hours), at the time of flight departure. However, quarantine will be mandatory even if these passengers produce a negative PCR test.

In addition, travelers will have to indicate their quarantine location before taking their plane to France, by producing proof of residence in France or a hotel reservation.
Please note that the airline may refuse to let them board the plane if they do not have one of these documents.

A sworn statement

Finally, the last condition for travel to France is that each traveler will have to present to the border control authorities a sworn statement attesting:

  • That they do not have any symptoms of Covid-19 infection.
  • That they are not aware of having been in contact with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the fourteen days preceding the trip.
  • For travelers over 11 years of age only, that he agrees that a virological screening test or biological examination for SARS-CoV-2 can be performed upon arrival in the national territory.

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