Covid-19 : no more countries in red list !

7 February 2022 | Flash News

Due to the health crisis, France has introduced border control measures. Since 9 June 2021, the arrival of foreign travelers is conditioned by their level of vaccination and the health situation in their country of origin. To this end, the territories have been divided into green, orange, red and scarlet areas, depending on their level of epidemic activity.

For the first time since the system was created, no country is in the red area. This is good news for all non-vaccinated foreigners from countries previously classified as “at risk”.

Indeed, nationals from red classified countries are subject to strict health restrictions. In the absence of a complete vaccination schedule, holding a visa (talent passport, employee, etc.) is not enough to enter France. To do so, it is necessary to justify a compelling reason.

The transfer of all red list countries to the orange list (less restrictive) will allow many non-vaccinated employees to enter France in the coming days. This is a source of great satisfaction for the various teams concerned in the country!

Any plans? We are at your side to facilitate the mobility of your employees to France or to any other country.