Another reevaluation of the French Minimum Wage (SMIC) in May 2022

22 April 2022 | Flash News

On May 1, 2022, due to inflation, the minimum wage (SMIC) is going to be reevaluated from 1603,12 euros to 1645,58 euros (increase of 2,65%).

This year’s increase, about 5,9%, is a result of the strong rise in the consumer price reference index for the most economically disadvantaged households.

The new gross salary for a full-time employee

  • Gross hourly “SMIC”: increase from 10,57 to 10,85€ (+0,28€)
  • Gross monthly “SMIC”: increase from 1603,12€ to 1645,58€ (+42,46€)
  • Gross annual “SMIC”: increase from 19 237,44€ to 19 746,96€ (+509,52€)

IMPORTANT: This increase impacts the minimum salaries required to obtain a talent passport.

New minimum amounts to obtain certain immigration statuses from May 2022 onwards

Talent passport :

  • Qualified employee (2 times the annual SMIC: 39.493,92€ gross per year
  • Employee on mission (1.8 times the annual SMIC): 35.544,53€ gross per year

Other status :

  • Employee (1.5 times the annual SMIC): 29.620, 44€ gross per year.

The minimum salary for the “European Blue Card” (EBC) status is not based on the SMIC but on the average annual reference salary which remains unchanged.

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