Founded in 2011, Itama has become the labour immigration specialist consultant for large French companies, and also for foreign companies who are looking for a specialised intermediary.

Our aim: To be available to assist you, 365 days every year, for all destinations, and to answer your questions and requests with quality and precision.

Our assets: Our expertise on all subjects concerning labour immigration and social welfare both in France and abroad.

Our difference: Our packages are optimised to offer you complete assistance from the beginning to the end of the procedure, without any extra cost or any unpleasant surprises.


Our energetic, experienced team is constantly involved in resolving mobility issues for you.

All your applications and procedures are continually managed with individual attention by one of us. You have one single, identified contact. If your contact is absent, we are organised so that someone can take over in their place, without any consequences for you.


  • Managing Director: Annabelle
  • Team Manager : Jesus
  • Immigration consultants: Diana, Déborah, Clara
  • Back office and CPAM affiliations: Olga
  • Assignee or employee assistance dealing with administration agencies in the Greater Paris area: Séguir