Quality has always been an essential part of our service. As a result, we have won the trust of our clients. In all our work, we will provide you with:

  • complete management of the procedures, while requiring your participation as little as possible
  • follow-up of your procedure by one of our specialists, who takes care of it from beginning to end
  • assistance of employees in all dealings with public administration agencies
  • a direct line throughout the duration of the procedure to answer all your questions right away
  • keeping track of expiration of all documents, to ensure that you will not have any problems

“We choose the quality, because the chance became too expensive.”
Quotation of Jean Abraham

Multinational company

We develop real knowledge of your line of work and your organisation in order to provide relevant advice and save time for you.

We ensure smooth coordination between all parties: mobility department, manager in France/abroad, employee, etc.

You also have access to our international network of partners, and you can contact us at any time concerning your plans, whatever your destination.

Services provider

We make it easy for you to understand the French system and its public administration agencies by explaining all their specific features for you in simple language.  

We guide you, step by step, at every stage, while answering all your questions. You can reassure your French client or customer that you comply with legislation.

We are constantly watchful and we warn you of all obligations that a foreign service provider must meet. If necessary, we can also subcontract other services, such as managing pay of your seconded employees.

Foreign investor

If you plan to develop a company in France, we are available to help you and to facilitate all immigration formalities and obtain the most appropriate status for your plans.

If you need to be assisted by other experts or specialists (experts concerning your company status, sales contracts or employment contracts, consultant accountant, bank, or communication/publicity experts), we make available our network of English-speaking partners for creating and developing your business activity in France.