We are at your service to provide our advanced knowledge of procedures for immigration into France and our practical experience of dealing with public administration agencies.

In our work for companies and key accounts, we manage procedures completely while requiring the client’s participation as little as possible.

We give priority to being close and attentive to our clients, providing customised solutions and packages that are appropriate for each situation.

We undertake to provide:

  • Expertise and precision
  • Efficiency and speed
  • Sense of service (assistance, customised follow-up and regular reporting back to our clients)
  • Coverage throughout the whole of France
  • Coordination of all contributors and parties involved (Consulates, DIRECCTE, translators)


«When you entrust your case to ITAMA, you are certain that it will be processed properly, and also, once the procedure is completed, ITAMA staff will always be available to answer your questions, which is a considerable guarantee of reliability for the company and for our employees. » 

Sabrina M., human resources department in a petroleum engineering company

   Working in France

An application must be submitted to obtain a work permit before your future assignees or employees and their families arrive in France.

We guide you to follow the most appropriate procedure, with a detailed explanation of the different stages and the estimated time required.

We prepare the work permit application in close cooperation with all parties involved (human resources managers, the assignees or employees themselves, etc.).

We have special contacts with French public administration. As a result, we can efficiently keep track of your application’s progress, inform you in real time and optimize the process of your application.

Throughout the whole procedure, we are attentive to your needs and always available to answer your queries and requests.

   Arriving in France

After several weeks of procedures and waiting, the employee’s arrival in France often causes pressure and stress.

Therefore we pay great attention to ensuring that the procedure for obtaining their visa does not delay the start of their work assignment. Once their work permit is granted, we ensure that their file is properly transferred to the competent French Consulate.

We also anticipate making appointments at the Consulate and the documents to be prepared, such as extracts from police records, which may delay approval of the application.

When the work permit or visa is received, we ensure that it is compliant and valid.

We ensure that nothing holds up or disturbs the planned schedule.

   Residing in France

Once the person arrives in France, there are still important formalities to be completed in order to be compliant, such as the medical examination and obtaining a residence permit.

The medical check-up at the OFII (immigration office) is still obligatory for certain procedures. Once your employee is in France and has a permanent address, we organise the appointment with the OFII and prepare his/her application.

For the residence permit, together with your employee, we prepare all documents that have to be provided for their entire family according to the requirements of the competent Prefecture (local State administration headquarters) or local Sub–Prefecture.

We also take care of sworn translations within very short times, for negotiated rates.

We then assist your employee in the Prefecture for submitting the application, and we follow it up until the resident permit is collected. We can obtain appointments with many Prefectures efficiently, as rapidly as possible.

We also advise parents of a foreign minor to have the necessary travel document or a “titre d’identité républicain” (“Republican identity card” for a foreign child born in France) prepared for the minor, in order to facilitate his/her travel outside France and return travel to France.

   Driving in France

Your foreign assignee/employee can drive in France with their foreign (non-European) driving licence for their first year of residence in France. After the first year, they must either exchange the foreign driving licence or take the driving test again in France.

In cases where a licence can be exchanged, we contact the competent Prefecture to check the specific requirements of each case and then send your assignee/employee the exact list of the required documents.

We then help your assignee/employee to put together their driving licence application. We manage translations of the required documents and we assist your assignee/employee in submitting the application to the Prefecture.

We then follow up the application with our contacts until the French driving licence is collected.

Sometimes the assignee/employee wishes to import a vehicle that is registered abroad, which is possible in certain conditions.

We guide your assignee/employee through the various formalities and in their relations with the various public administration agencies until they obtain the vehicle’s registration certificate.