Our network is made up of experienced partners in more than 500 destinations with whom we have been working for many years.

Therefore we provide our very specific experience and knowledge of the operation of the public administration agencies concerned. Your personnel can go abroad safely and as soon as possible.

Applications for visas abroad often fail because of the complexity and variety of requirements by foreign public administration agencies. Do not hesitate to consult us to obtain made-to measure assistance.

“We particularly appreciate Itama’s responsiveness regarding ‘sensitive’ cases and the quality of their follow-up, both concerning procedures for immigration into France and concerning visas and work permits required for foreign countries (Russia, Indonesia, Argentina, etc.) with their foreign partners. “

Jennifer G., internal mobility manager, defence


Together with the employee, we prepare all documents that have to be provided for their entire family according to the specific requirements of each Consulate: personal documents, medical file, police record, etc.

We advise the employee throughout the whole procedure and ensure that it is completed as soon as possible.

We assist the employee in submitting their application and in collecting their passport and visa.

You can also consult us for simple legalisation of French documents that have to be presented abroad or for adding marginal notes for them.


According to the country and the nature and duration of the employee’s work assignment, we draw up a made-to-measure estimate including all the obligatory formalities as part of the immigration procedure.

These formalities generally include:

1/ application for a work permit in the host country,

2/ issuance of the visa in France (see procedure above),

3/ management of the residence permit after arrival of the employee and their family.

We coordinate the entire procedure from beginning to end. This enables us to anticipate all the documents that are required throughout the work assignment from the initial stages of the procedure.

When certain documents have to be legalised in France before the employee’s departure, we help them with these formalities.

ITAMA covers more than 500 destinations throughout the world.