We take into consideration the specific features of each case by thoroughly examining the person’s situation (as regards nationality, the existence of international agreements, etc.) to give them informed advice on the formalities to be completed.

From your affiliation to the French social security system to your registration with the URSSAF social security agency of the Bas Rhin area, including the transcription of French pay slips, we guide you and manage all your formalities. We can also propose in-house training for you.

“We have been working with ITAMA for more than four years. And we appreciate their availability, their attentiveness and their responsiveness. Their energetic team can always propose solutions for special cases.”
Nathalie M. and Aline C., internal mobility and digital security managers


Affiliation to the CPAM [Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie – the relevant local Health Insurance Fund] is not automatic. Each member of personnel from abroad must apply for this affiliation personally once they have obtained their residence permit.

We guide every applicant and their family in meticulously preparing their application and the documents to be provided to the CPAM office.

In so doing, we avoid further requests for documents and any delays caused by them. In some cases, foreign civil status documents must be legalised or must have accompanying marginal notes, and we can guide your assignee/employee through the various necessary steps, in order to reduce the required time as much as possible.

Thanks to our intervention, your assignee/employee will have social security cover and will have their medical costs refunded as soon as possible.

If you are a foreign company that does not yet have an entity in France, or an employer who wishes to employ foreigners (whose country of origin does not have agreements with France regarding social security), we take care of your registration with the URSSAF social security agency of the Bas Rhin area (creating a file for a company abroad / registering the employee’s file).

We also take care of your monthly or quarterly declarations of social security / national insurance contributions and all formalities required by this obligation for foreign companies.

We transcribe your foreign pay slips according to French standards and forward them to URSSAF for calculating your quarterly contributions.

At the end of each relevant period for declarations, you receive summaries and the details of payments to be made to the various social security funds.


We assist you in your CAF family allowance fund registration or deregistration, or in settling your CAF account, according to your status.